JACKOBOARD® wet room board is the king of wet rooms

Moisture and water damage are becoming more and more common. By using the JACKOBOARD® wet room board, you can avoid problems - the board isolates moisture and heat, and provides a finished base for tiling. JACKOBOARD® is an economic choice from the construction stage all the way to the end of a building’s lifecycle.

Plaster, reinforced with a fibreglass mesh, as the surface material Jackofoam® (XPS) as the core


Moisture proof

The JACKOBOARD® wet room board, installed on the inside of the frame, keeps moisture out in the correct technical manner.


Rigid and solid boards provide an ideal foundation for tiling, and do not contain harmful substances or gasses.


Whether you want creative shapes or curved structures, you can realise your dreams with JACKOBOARD® wet room boards.

Light and easy to use

Light to lift and carry, and easy to shape. Installation is fast and the end result is sure to please.

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